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Welcome to Show and Tell! Let us take you on a journey where you can use the wonder of photography to support your mental health – and we have so much to share with you..

Want to improve your photography skills? Watch our 8 FREE workshops and learn from superstars like Rankin, Jane Stockdale and Danny Kasirye.

Want to learn how to use photography to reduce stress and live a more connected life? Dive deeper and try the workshop tasks!

Want to know how young people are really feeling? Discover our huge youth exhibitions and add your voice at #MyPhotoMyFeeling.

Want to meet youth leaders like Soma Sara and Jsky? Make sure your school registers for our unique PSHE workshops.

It’s all free, online and on demand – and you are invited. Together let’s use the power of the image to make the world a better place – one image at at time.


The SEND Special Collection

Register for our SEND programme, including online workshops created by professional photographers and mindful photography experts with live feedback sessions.




How does it really feel to be young today? A unique collection of extraordinary words and photographs by 10-18 year olds…

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The Cisco Photography Award

The winners have been announced! A selection of schools and young people across the UK will receive a photography pack prize.

View the winning entries! 


Watch Live PSHE x Photography Sessions

A creative approach to PSHE, our new workshops deeply explore some of the most important topics affecting young mental health today.

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Show & Tell

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We are very grateful for the support from our sponsor Cisco Webex and all the Show and Tell partners; Mental Health UK, EyeEm, Constance and Getty Images….

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Workshop Films

With the guidance of professional photographers, our workshops films teach the positive link between photography and mental health…..

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The Cisco Photography Awards

We are absolutely thrilled to reward a selection of schools and young people across the UK with a professional photography pack to encourage further mindful photography practice.


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