Mental Health Awareness Week & LAE Tottenham


This Mental Health Awareness Week marks our one year anniversary since we started The Photography Movement and held The Calm Photography Movement Exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery in London.

Working with LAE Tottenham has been one of the projects we started over the last year and we want to see TPM reach many more schools after seeing the positive impact the workshops have had on the students.

Lae Tottenham The Photography Movement Competiton Entries

An student image entry for the TPM competition

As part of the collaboration we gave students the brief ‘Inside Out’ and ran in-depth workshops that ranged from how to use a camera to learning about mental health struggles from professional photographers Daniel Regan & Antonia Attwood, who explained how they had used their creativity within photography to help them through difficult stages in their lives. We also took them on an unforgettable trip to the prestigious Getty Images Archive in London to get them motivated with their own work. 

Our mental health is a priority and TPM aspires to encourage as many people as possible to embrace who they are, or what needs to be expressed, through the art of photography.

Thank you to LAE Tottenham for embracing our passion and you can read the article on our collaboration with the school via their website.

If you want more information on how TPM can come to your school, please contact us via