Philipp Ammon – ‘Hope Through Education’

Philipp Ammon Hope Through Education

**Original print SOLD to raise funds and awareness for the charity CALM

Through our London exhibition in May at the Getty Images Gallery, we raised over £17.000 for CALM thanks to the incredible photographers, like Philipp Ammon, who contributed to this essential event.

“’I want for her to go to school. I would give up everything for her to have a good education.’ A man holds his child in front of their home in Ganap, South Africa. High hopes are placed on the education of the youth
for improving the quality of life in the Moshaweng valley.

My camera is a passport. It opens doors to Worlds otherwise closed off to the outside. Countries. Homes. Offices. Campaigns. Venues. Cultures. Counter

The most important part of my identity as a photographer lies in relating to other humans. Every face has a tale to tell, and every person a piece of wisdom to share. I’m inspired by learning from people close to home and across the globe. My passion is to share those experiences through visual language” – Philipp Ammon