Olivia – The Moment She Removed the Mask

Allie Crewe Olivia The Moment She Removed The Mask Calm Photography Movement

Allie Crew donated this photography to be part of The Calm Photography Movement Exhibition in May. It’s a moving image and here Allie explains her motives behind using photography to tell a story…

“…What I am always striving to create is authenticity. The moment that a mask slips or is removed and the person in front of my camera wants to be seen and valued for their true self. These moments are intense and to record them is my blueprint.


I lecture half time and have lost three students to suicide. A guy, a girl; and last year a guy cut his wrists and I raised the alarm. I am still deeply shocked. At college I support countless students  with depression – this is a part of my everyday life.


Recently I have worked as a photographer with two amazing trans women, Kim and Olivia. They have supported and cared for each other and I have been recording their transitions. Like them I transitioned from  darkness to a lighter place, we share stories and talk about our experiences – we have learned to laugh a lot too.


They are awesome, inspiring survivors.”

Allie’s work is a portal into authenticity and helping people to be real. Remember, it’s okay to talk. Let us redefine what it is to be a man – to be human.