World Mental Health Day 2017

Levon Biss Ray Winstone Calm Photography Movement

Today is World Mental Health Day and we are so happy to see the rise in conversations on what was once a taboo subject.

We started The Calm Photography Movement after having had the upsetting experience of losing close male family and friends to suicide. This led us to do some research on the topic of male-suicide and we realised we had to start a movement that would help spark a conversation on the ‘taboo’ subject of mental wellbeing for men. In doing so we hope men will feel it’s okay to talk – to open up and share their suffering with someone they trust instead of choosing to take their own lives.

We have loved putting together The Calm Photography Movement and even more so thanks to the incredible stories we have heard from our growing community. Photography as a medium has been a powerful start for us to get people talking and allowing men to express their emotions.

Photograph – Ray Winstone’ – Edition 1 of 15 by Levon Biss Photography
“Concept for the portrait was that it is fine for men to have emotions and cry, even if you are a tough guy.”