Baptism’ by Diogo Duarte for TCPM

Baptism By Diogo Duarte

Up for an award next week at the East West Art Award Competition – Diogo Duarte is a London-based Image Maker specialising in self-portraiture and psychological portraits.

He writes: “Baptism is part of a self-portrait project where I ‘perform’ different aspects of my personality in front of the camera with the intention of creating an inner dialogue of self-acceptance. Aspects of my personality that were once hidden away, are amplified and exaggerated in front of a surreal backdrop so their existence can no longer be ignored. I started suffering from severe anxiety and turned to photography again to alleviate the pain. My self-portrait project has been about the process of coming to terms with my feelings and experiences, and seeing those same feelings and experiences in a different light.”

Thank you Diogo for being part of our movement and we will see you at the awards next week!