Lloyd’s of London & TCPM

This is the moving photo that won the Lloyd’s of London in-house photography contest with Beazley last Thursday in support of International Men’s Day 2017.

Stephan Dequaire is behind the winning piece and will be part of the 2018 Calm Photography Movement exhibition.

He writes:

Photo title: Table for One

“This image is the first of a photo series that explores social
isolation in everyday life and the links with mental health. It was
photographed specifically for the Calm Photography Movement and depicts a
socially isolated man going from one meal to the next without much
social interaction. The hands free clock on the wall symbolises the
different and infinite sense of time experienced by socially isolated
people. The crude meal on the table shows a clear lack of self care
whilst the female portrait on the wall  links the subject to happier
childhood memories.

I wanted to photograph a scene that
encompassed both masculinity and mental heath and didn’t want to
compromise on the gravity of the subject.”

Thank you so much Stephan for being part of TCPM.