Twenty Two

Twenty Two

A project we are proud to be supporting, ‘Twenty Two’ is a photographic
exploration of the shadow-self by Hamish Duncan. Hamish is an amazing
guy, a real inspiration to us and we want to help him get this project
off the ground!

Hamish had a life-changing snowboarding accident at 22 that took him on a long journey of recovery both inside and out.

He writes: “Twenty-Two is a call to action for all of us to spend more
time outdoors. A chance to connect with nature for better mental health.
I believe the heart of photography is to connect with the world around
us and share our true perspective with others.”

Please support his passionate endeavor to inspire many more people and to get us all
opening up about mental health and taking care of ourselves by whatever
creative means works for us.

How to Support

Click here to support Hamish Duncan & his amazing photographic quest ????

Read his Interview with CALM…/twenty-two-snowboarding-shado…/