If Destroyed Still True

2017 12 21 10.55.12

Matthew Strong is exhibiting with his first ever solo exhibition called I.D.S.T (If Destroyed Still True) at the Anise Gallery, London SE1 2PU from 10th January until Saturday 13th January.

The show then moves to The Long Gallery, Maudsley Hospital, London, SE5 8AZ from 30th January to 27 April 2018.

All proceeds gained from the sale of his prints and book will go to CALM, SANE and the Maudsley Charity.

About I.D.S.T

We are sharing this because it fits in so beautifully with The Calm Photography Movement and our intentions with the use of photography as means to raise awareness and using it as a form of self expression or even as a coping mechanism, just as Matthew did.

Matthew was diagnosed in 2002 with a serious mental health illness and this exhibition is his brilliant way of promoting positive mental health awareness through some excellent images that he curated over some 20 years.

This exhibition will showcase for the first time ever a selection of large scale photographs, films and writing. The project all comes together in the form of a photography book, helping to promote positive mental health awareness and to fight the stigma of mental illness.

The carefully chosen 20 framed prints take the viewer on a journey. The locations wildly change from London to India and back again, but it isn’t the locations that are so important, it’s how Matthew wants to make you feel.

How does this make the viewer understand his mental state? Are there questions that are unanswered? Is he trying to tell a story? Or quite simply are they just pictures and nothing else? That is up to you to decide.

We hope you enjoy his work as much as we do here at The Photography Movement!

Further Links on the Exhibition

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