At School with TPM


Co-founder Steve Wallington along with team member Mikki Hackett visited LAE Tottenham School for the first photo-therapy workshop as part of our project to get young people connecting photography with their own well-being and mental health.

The Workshop

42 students signed up for our Photography Movement course.

We organised the pupils into groups of six for the mind-mapping part of the workshop. Steve and Mikki then guided them through some of the most captivating photo-stories from our Calm Photography Movement Exhibition 2017 with Getty Images.

Steve also shared some his personal photo stories before each table was given 2-3 of what we believe to be some of the most iconic photos from the 20th century plus a few more recent photos. We then asked them to write down what they felt or saw when looking at the photograph.

The Student’s Vision

It was inspiring to see how engaged and enthusiastic the students were who came up with some compelling interpretations of what they personally saw in each image. They grasped and explored how a single image can have a direct impact on your feelings or draw you into a story of a stranger.

All of this created an atmosphere of curiosity, openness and insights fueled by creative young minds who are seeing the power of photography. We can’t wait for after half term to see what our students put into practice! Next up we will be teaching lighting plus essential camera techniques.

Students Interpretation on the Polar Bear and its isolation. One wrote “Only company is its own reflection.”