TPM Youth Project Master Class

Last week we had another great session with the LAE Tottenham school, joined by professional photographer Franck Sauvaire on a master class in photographic techniques.

It was a wonderful afternoon with the students who were first shown the history of the camera by Steve Wallington. Franck then shared his passion for photography with various images from his fashion campaigns ending with a session on the practicalities of operating an SLR camera.

Teaching the Techniques

The students were then split into three groups, which were run by Franck. He shared his techniques in LIGHTING with a studio set up. TPM’s Mikki showed the students the techniques in SPEED with water. And Steve shared his experience in DEPTH OF FIELD with macro and zoom lenses.

The students then had around 20 minutes experimenting with the SLR cameras around the Academy common areas. The results were stunning!

The students showed real aptitude with the cameras and set ups. Included pictures are just a few of the more abstract photographs taken by the participants with the wonderful student’s portraits to follow.

The Next Workshop

We are really excited for today’s module with professional photo-therapists Daniel Regan & Antonia Attwood.  They will be sharing their experiences and tasking the students with emotive challenge. We are sure some stunning and emotional charged results will be revealed next week!