Student Portraits

Here are the fantastic results from our technical masterclass and the portraits the students took of each other.

Together with Franck Sauvaire, we had a lot of fun teaching the basics about setting up lighting and a studio to the practicalities of using a SLR camera.

Why we teamed up with LAE Tottenham

The Photography Movement has joined up with LAE Tottenham because schools are encouraging their pupils to take care of their mental well-being and not keep it bottled up inside by using mediums such as photography.

Just like with our CALM collaboration, we want to harness the power of imagery to help people both re-picture mental health and to use it for their own source of self-expression when struggling.

Mikki who is part of our team suggested TPM visit schools because it’s a place where often pupils understand they may have mental health issues or confusion around emotions but are unsure what to do about it. She also felt it was needed after learning two students from her old school took their own lives due to mental health problems. The movement thus is essential and we hope will grow or be encouraged across the education spectrum.

Next Student Workshop

We are not all the same and this should be celebrated! Photography is a powerful tool and soon we will be sharing about our latest workshop with LAE Tottenham that took place with Daniel Regan and Antonia Attwood. Both have suffered with their mental health and now their experiences in art and science have helped the students at TPM workshops to really open up and share their emotions.

An LAE Tottenham Student at the masterclass on photographic techniques