Creative in Focus

Fog In Moring

Co-founder Steve Wallington was invited to speak alongside the CEO of CALM at the Getty Images Creative in Focus event last week discussing the visual trends for 2018. 

The creative team at Getty Images analysed 1 billion searches and 400 million imagery downloads via their website plus studied advertising trends, pop culture shifts, before they defined the three defining visual trends for 2018.

Masculinity Undone was one of the three visual trends predicted.

‘Masculinity undone explores how to liberate men from long established visual stereotypes and instead portray masculinity in a less prescriptive way’ – Getty Images

We were delighted to share The Calm Photography Movement and our future with The Photography Movement on contributing towards breaking down the stagnant visual stereotypes of men and creating a new visual language on what it is to ‘be man’. Our intention is now to encompass all of humanity and to create lots more movements that embrace photography and our mental health.

Watch the video to see the full speech and also to hear what CALM are planning on this year to increase awareness on male mental health and how to help prevent male suicide levels rising.