A Photographic Exploration of the Shadow-self

22 Photobook 02

We are proud to support the talented and inspiring photographer, Hamish Duncan, who has launched his photo-book Twenty-Two.

Hamish suffered a severe snowboarding injury at the age of 22 and photography has been a vital tool during his journey of recovery both emotionally and mentally.

He managed to raise all the money via Kickstarter and the backers have received one of these inspiring books.

“Twenty-Two is an unashamedly personal photo book. It is a selection of images that document a combination of man-made and natural subjects, and reflects my internal and external recovery process as I’ve tried to come to terms with the defining incident in my life.”

We are looking forward to seeing where Twenty-Two goes to next! Hamish has chosen to support The CALMzone charity and has dedicated the book to Nelson Pratt, a fellow snowboarder who tragically died by suicide in 2012.

Massive congratulations to Hamish for making this happen and inspiring others who are going through a tough time in their lives. Photography for Hamish was a way for him to find himself again and this book is his message to us all that anything is possible when we open our hearts and reach out for support.

His parting message for us all: “I believe the heart of photography is to connect with the world around us and share our true perspective with others.”

For More Info

You can read more on his project via Kickstarter page and don’t forget to follow Hamish via his Instagram Account to see his latest project and photography instagram.com/hambourine/

Read his interview with CALM: https://www.thecalmzone.net/2017/12/twenty-two-snowboarding-shadow-self/