David Noton exhibition

David Ex

Thank you to all of our supporters who joined us for the launch of David Noton’s exhibition at the Exposure Gallery. A world renowned landscape photographer and Canon ambassador, David’s show ‘Waiting for the Light’, explores the power of photography as a therapy.

‘I have long been aware of the power of photography as therapy for those with troubled minds. In my more then 30 year career as a globetrotting professional landscape photographer, I have been lucky enough to witness many sublime moments of harmony in some of the world’s most beautiful places, from my native Dorset to the Yukon and from the Scottish Highlands to the Australian outback. Such experiences have literally been life enhancing, which is why I am so pleased to stage my Exhibition “Waiting for the Light” for The Photography Movement in aid of mental health awareness’.

All of David’s prints exhibited at the Exposure Gallery are available for purchase with proceeds going to our charity partner, Help for Heroes. Please visit www.tictail.com/thephotographymovement and we thank you for your generosity.

A big thank you to our exhibition partner Canon UK for and to Camden Brewery for their support at the launch event.