‘Let’s Talk’ exhibition & panel at Cision

Cision Talk

In collaboration with photographer Charlie Clift and Mental Health UK, The Photography Movement presents the ‘Let’s Talk’ wellbeing programme, expertly designed to open conversations and promote better understanding around mental health in the workplace.

To support Cision UK’s internal mental health programme, The Photography Movement supplied the powerful ‘Let’s Talk’ exhibition and hosted a panel discussion at the company’s offices. It was an inspiring talk from the panel – Scott Shillum co-founder of The Photography Movement, ‘Let’s Talk’ campaign photographer Charlie Clift and Kenza Dairi from Mental Health UK, alongside representatives from the Cision team – who each discussed their personal mental health experiences along with solutions to normalise the conversation in the workplace and beyond.

Please get in touch if you’d like to explore how the ‘Let’s Talk’ programme– including exhibitions, panel talks, workshops and employee photography initiatives – can be tailored to compliment your company’s wellbeing programme.

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