Alan Mead

Filip Gierlinkski

Age: 70
Occupation: Retired IT Software Engineer
Morris position: An experienced dancer, ‘although I no longer normally dance’. Experienced musician – playing diatonic button accordion (melodeon). Past Squire of the team and one time teacher of the dancing. Archivist, Editor of newsletter, Bagman (secretary).

Q: What made you first become interested to join the group?
A: I started through my interest in traditional music and by collecting recordings. I moved to Ewell in 1980. I didn’t know that the Ewell St Mary’s Morris Men had recently been formed but the guy organising it got to find out that I was interested in the music so I was press-ganged to join.

Q: What do you enjoy about being part of Ewell St Mary’s Morris?
A: The camaraderie and long term friendships that I have made. Also the fact that we are keeping alive a tradition which is rooted in the fertility customs of the people of the British Isles a thousand years or more ago.

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