Bryan Elphick

Filip Gierlinkski

Age: 72
Occupation: Retired Chartered Surveyor
Morris position: Experienced


Q: What made you first become interested to join the group?

A: I was Chairman of Epsom Round Table and my final year involved hosting International guests to an ‘Olde England’ theme weekend. We cast around for a local Morris side for tuition and found ESMMM. Following success of the event and coinciding with RT age rules (leave at 40), It was enjoyable and I found ESMMM a good crowd so joined up.

Q: What do you enjoy most of being part of the Ewell St Mary’s Morris Men?

A: We are a very mixed crowd and have shared some great experiences over many years so can reminisce together. It’s good exercise and offers the excuse to dress up and be exhibitionists and doesn’t cost much – as long as you stand your round! We entertain and raise good money for charity – what more could you want?

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