Robbie Africa 2004

Emma Hardy

Are all young boys allowed to be angry, sad, raging; are they all allowed to cry?

Even if they are, the moment comes when those emotions start to be repressed by society’s expectations, contained by the social constructions of our so-called civilised, modern western world.

What happens to young men, who become adult men, who miss out on all that emotive expression?

What happens to the boys and young men who are taught to contain and repress their anger or sadness; told that strong emotions are not welcome, that they’re weak, or aggressive, & plainly inappropriate?

Much of modern man’s expected behaviour relies on holding basic emotions like anger and frustration in check, keeping them under a lid. Healthy initiation into the masculine no longer exists. It hasn’t for generations.

Doesn’t society need to change?

Emma Hardy Robbie Africa2004 Calm Photography Movement