Ted Smith

Filip Gierlinkski

Age: 63
Occupation: Credit Union Officer
Morris position: Experienced – Foreman (‘Dancing Master’)

Q: How did you first become interested and join the group?
A: I needed to stay active after my Football/Cricket days & the local side needed new members. I wanted to do something quintessentially English & loved the old Morris tunes – simple but haunting.

Q: What do you enjoy most of being part of the Ewell St Mary’s Morris Men?
A: Keeping up an Old English Tradition. Having fun performing & getting the public involved. The venues are great and we have the opportunity to quaff fine ales whilst performing. Styling Ewell Morris dances & tunes that embrace the tradition but are unique to ESMMM.
Also playing / singing in the pubs and getting folk involved – always live & spontaneous. The camaraderie, entertaining and raising significant money for charity.

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