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Coffee For One Lloyd’s Of London Second Place Winner


The Lloyd’s of London & The Photography Movement workplace initiative (13th -22nd Nov 2017). A photography brief was promoted company wide, encouraging employees to connect by composing and sharing their own images. Culminating with an event and series of talks on International Men’s Day, where shared stories from CALM, The Photography Movement Founder Scott Shillum, Angela Peacock and Lloyd’s of London employees, raised issues and solutions to support mental health in the workplace and beyond.

‘3 out of every 5 employees have experienced mental health issues in the past year due to work. Just 13% felt able to speak to their manager and those who do can put themselves at risk of repercussions – with 15% of those employees subjected to disciplinary procedures, demotion or dismissal’. Mental Health at Work Report 2017, The Prince’s Responsible Business Network.

Featured images:
The Photography Movement & Lloyd’s of London photography initiative competition winners:
1st Stephan Dequaire, 2nd Jacqui Volf, 3rd Paul Fletcher