Valerie Kporye Gyamfi
Yasmine Goumri Keziah Malungu

London Academy of Excellence Tottenham + YoungMinds

The first in the Exposure Gallery series, the Tottenham Academy exhibition explored the theme of ‘How does it feel to be a teenager in the modern world’.

The show is the result of a series of therapeutic photography workshops hosted at the school, where students were taught how to use photography to express their emotions and as a meditative technique to help them cope with stressful situations. The winning image by Valerie Kporye-Gyamfi is such a stunning portrait and a huge thank you to our partner Canon UK, who awarded her with a fabulous DSLR camera. Big congratulations also to our runners up, Kaziah Malungu and Yasmine Goumri, as well as to all the London Academy of Excellence Tottenham participants for their incredible work.
The students attended the launch event and their images were available for purchase to raise money for our charity partner, YoungMinds.
Featured images by Valerie Kporye-Gyamfi, Yasmine Goumri and Kaziah Malungu