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Refinery29, Flora MacLean + OCD UK

Refinery29 – the UK’s leading female-focused digital media company – and photographer Flora Maclean, explore the visual representation of mental health.

When you type ‘depression stock photos’ into Google image search, the results are a 50/50 split of mostly white male models with their heads in their hands or a gun to their head. If you’re among the one in four suffering with a mental health problem, articles illustrated by these photos are demoralising. Working with photographer Flora Maclean, we aim to visually represent how a mental health disorder actually feels and make some of the more complex feelings of the mind tangible. We hope these images encourage empathy and understanding’. Anna Jay, art director Refinery29

Anna and Flora introduced the exhibition at the launch event and the images were available for purchase to raise money for our charity partner, OCD UK. The Photography Movement thanks our exhibition sponsor Canon and Camden Town Brewery for supporting our preview night.