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Young people with SEND excel in our guided photography courses.

Whatever their needs they have been creative trailblazers, immediately understanding the powerful emotional outlet of photography and using it as a vital new way to be heard.

Our wider programme is accessible to all but we know it can be difficult to know where to start.

That’s why we have created this self-contained module for busy SEND educators.

We would be delighted for your students to join our special 2022-2023 programme, including; online workshops created by the greatest professional photographers in the world and live online feedback sessions with mindful photography experts.

Senior professional teachers who understand the needs of the SEND community have selected three workshops with inclusion at their heart.

Whether at home, at school or any specialist provision, all your students need to do is…

      1. Start each term by watching one specially selected online photography workshop.
      2. Practice their new photography skills by completing the workshop tasks.
      3. Submit their photos for the live online feedback sessions, where a mindful photography expert will give guidance and positive encouragement on the work completed.


Increasing inclusivity and participation in sports

Jane Stockdale explores the benefits of sport for our mental health, sharing top photographic tips for documenting action, motion and emotion.

Out takes

  1. Mood Boosting, reducing stress, calming anxiety
  2. Confidence
  3. New skills
  4. Sense of achievement
  5. New friendships/support

Spring 2023

Capturing what matters

With a focus on practical photography tips, Emma Hardy encourages young people to focus their lens on the detail and live in the moment to create thought-provoking pictures.

Out takes

  1. Rehearsing photo techniques
  2. Working individually and in collaboration
  3. Using colour and light to describe your mood.
  4. Multimedia approaches appropriate to needs

Summer 2023

Making connections with your own community

John Mannell explores community and connection through his portrait photography, plus leading influencer Mike Chudley creates powerful cityscapes photos.

Out takes

  1. Confidence
  2. Sense of purpose/meaning
  3. New photography skills
  4. New relationships
  5. Become part of something bigger

``You would not believe the impact you have had. All of the students enjoyed participating in the programme and have learned a lot from the specific feedback given``.
Jennifer Marker

The Green School for Boys

``Fun, thoughtful and powerful...Show and Tell not only encourages pupils to start talking about Mental Health but it is improving pupil’s confidence, communication skills and understanding``.
Lisa M Ward

Maesteg School

``We really need to encourage kids to express their emotions without judgement. I was impressed by how these kids channeled their emotions through photography. Art has been so transformative in my life I would encourage kids to get involved``.

Show & Tell

The Cisco Photography Awards

We are absolutely thrilled to reward a selection of schools and young people across the UK with a professional photography pack to encourage further mindful photography practice.


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